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tv   News  RT  February 19, 2018 1:00am-1:31am EST

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other countries. coming in the wake of the. olympic. results will be released. and despite the. pressure.
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thanks for joining us. former cia director has admitted the u.s. has interfered in other country's elections on domestic affairs when it was quote. no one likes a spoiler medlars interference especially when it comes to american elections they're hooley pure and spoiled and unsullied or they were before the russians got to them they say but judge not lest ye be judged especially when you have a fetish for getting your fingers into foreign elections when i just don't mess
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around other people. are only for the very good to see them through vine video and those former cia director a very good cause i never said the former director of the cia it's funny because and when america does it when someone else's even suspected of doing it no no no no no no no bad bad did the russians break the rules or do something bizarre the answer is no a lot of cool said a thirty year veteran of the cia come on the cia root the book on meddling. we've been doing this kind of thing since the cia was created in one thousand forty seven we've used posters pamphlets mailers banners you name it we've planted false information for newspapers we've used what the british call king george's calorie suitcases of cash add to that assassinations information warfare
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hacking and that's just the stuff we know about this the johnson that helped oversee that cia's exhibit g.'s he'd know the difference is they say when russia does it it's to destroy the world even when that meddling has no actual impact on the elections as even the justice department just admitted when america does it so the greater good democracy and all that you could ask of course how on earth overthrowing democratically elected leaders such as the cia has done is helping democracy how selling billions of dollars worth of guns to gulf dictators is helping democracy but don't well the us is not allowed to to interfere in other country's affairs it just gets away with it because the only organization that really could sanction the you know the us in terms of what it does internationally
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is the united nations and the us has a veto so the us can stop any kind of action being taken against it when it chooses to act internationally as it has done recently in syria as it did in iraq as it has done and afghanistan. saw mali. libya yemen and there are many examples of what the us has done and basically it's able to get away with these things because it is able to exercise its veto. israel has hinted it might get involved in syria to counter iran ten. sions between tell of even tehran have been on display at the munich security conference israeli prime minister used his speech at the summit to warn against a growing threat from tehran this is a brief. brief description of the middle east as it looks like though i call it the red in the black the red is isis. the radical the sunni
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is the black is iran and its offshoots the radical shiites as the red compresses. and it will be wiped out very soon from the map of the middle east iran is moving in iran's involvement in syria has long been a critical issue for israel but now the prime minister's rhetoric may even be time for actions to speak louder than words so we want is changing the ground rules in syria i've said we will not allow them to do that if mr us invites iran in militarily that changes our position such words once enough benjamin netanyahu brought some visual aids said to be part of an iranian drone the israelis into step to as it crossed the syrian israeli border worryingly the drone incident is being called the first known direct confrontation between the two sides
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militaries and prompted israel to hit iranian targets in syria mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should be george. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of her around. do not trust israel's resolve the rainy and foreign minister mohammad job and theory for later took his chance to hit back you were. the audience for a cartoon a secret serious. because we were on the right side of history fighting the taliban fighting the. fighting fighting consistently instead of joining those who supported them in creation in financing and the army now should israel's confrontation with iran break out as
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netanyahu hint where do you think the likely battleground would be syria a terrifying thought considering the country's already devastated by conflict the situation that is complicated enough with the turkish kurdish americans triangle in kurdish regions and syrian armed forces battling the remains of terrorist groups with the help of russian jets and just when you thought the situation in syria couldn't get any messier here and he's trying to strengthen its influence in syria not because of israel because of its own regional interests. prevent any kind of man in the war in syria it is none of its business and they're far we get the better it is i understand these really concerns i understand the fears for me runyan military presence on the border but in any case
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the fact that iran is present in syria is something that can will be solved by force kiddle be solved by war will be solved by bombarding it is the should realize and israel's prime minister who is a vigorous opponent of the iran nuclear deal did not miss the chance to criticize the agreement at this conference he said the deal had quote unleashed a dangerous iranian tiger and called for it to be scrapped. and fears of to ron's nuclear ambitions have spilled over into the fashion industry an iranian american fashion blogger was surprised during a t.v. interview when she was suddenly asked about iran's alleged nuclear program however she did turn the question around asking her interview was about u.s. policies in the region here's a snippet let's talk about nuclear weapons ok viewers some of our viewers may say we cannot trust iran what are your thoughts i mean i don't think we can trust this
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country i mean what has this country done to the majority of the countries in the middle east the host accused of not sounding like an american when she questioned washington's foreign policy while she spoke to us about the exchange i was really shocked by by the question of the statement but also i think it also goes back to sort of the place that muslims in america are constantly put themselves in that we have to constantly prove that we're american enough to deserve respect deserve not being bombed or banned which all of which this country and other western countries are also involved in in the middle east. and then the second that we sort of criticize the state for what they have actually done that were deemed un-american tipi also told r.t. that she's been flattered by the positive comments she's received online tweets range from surprised to praise for the blogger for speaking freely use it again and commenting on freedom of expression and going viral.
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unfortunately i guess after the fact i wasn't too surprised because muslims and people of color in this country and across the west are constantly put in positions where we're constantly kind of being used both as a term as a way of sort of talking about our maybe having to respond for our government policies back abroad but then having to blindly questionably sort of pray allegiance to this country who might be i'm involved in violence in our country. i think that this sort of these are sort of underlying microaggression is that happen every single day and it's not just me that has happened to i was just lucky enough that this is live and i was able to record it and then being able to share online but this happens constantly every single day all the time for any single person who is a person of color must learn that they consciously are kind of having to do with micro gresham's that are so normalized within society and so that's why one thing
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that i really appreciate about sort of the viral of the of this is that people are really standing up now and saying this is not normal this is not ok we shouldn't allow this from happening. adult shipping group is facing accusations of selling a number of vessels with harmful waste to scrapyards and tokyo in india adding to environmental and health problems and ultimately violating e.u. doors. her.
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the case is playing out in dutch courts but the prosecution is alleging that the ships sold to be broken apart in india and turkey contained a number of toxic substances which should have been removed and recycled in
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a safe way it also cites the alleged impact of the chemicals on recycling workers and the environment in those countries i have to find of a breach of e.u. waste laws is being sought and if convicted shipping bosses face up to six months in jail for its part at the company has rejected any wrong doing the defense for the sea trade group argues the ships only qualify as a waste once they reach their final destination and do not full on the e.u. environmental rules as turkey and india are beyond his jurisdiction and lack of proper regulation in the industry is one of the problems highlighted by the ship breaking platform and geo. the trade is a dutch company and certainly in two thousand and twelve the conditions at the in south asia were well known to any european company so the choice the trade made was for the highest price and these are the higher prices because they do not pay for
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the proper waste management the proper infrastructure and they use migrant workers that are not trained it's indeed unfortunately is a very common practice more than eighty percent of the world tonnage is currently broken and three title beaches in the world one in india one in bangladesh and one in pakistan this activity causes pollution to see. the groundwater and is also very dangerous for the work is if they fall from heights there are explosions they will be crushed by steel plates so it's basically an industry which is very poorly regulated more still to come here on the program on r.t. international the russian athletes are suspected of doping the winter olympics in south korea more on that after the break.
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when you don't. was. that looked what they did equipped to do. what they did not through only ten. let alone killing said. no servant is the best way that. you speak french. let's. send them all to new. busy cut down toilets to take. away your policies and there's a way to practice is the precious oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere the the so political journalism the theft of all of land and the many many. you know there's
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a stating things that there are so many years of doing of course the gun cools the . uprising. it is good to have you with us today foremost cia whistleblower jeffrey sterling has been released from prison he revealed cia mismanagement of a classified program to the u.s. senate and was later sentenced under the espionage act to three and a half years sterling was freed after serving over two years of that sentence but sterling was not jailed for what he actually told senators instead he was accused of leaking classified information he shared with the senate to a journalist his sentence was softer than the usual nineteen years minimum reportedly that was because all the evidence against him was circumstantial on a former u.s. senate candidate who petition for sterling's release explains how he ended up being
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treated as a traitor. there are times reporter james right now with the intercept was having about fifty conversations back and forth with geoffrey and then james rise and released a book about two thousand and five called state of war in which he disclosed the cia's botched release of nuclear plans to iran even jeffrey tried to tell a senate intelligence committee about this information they tried to go after james rise and to find out who his source was just around that same time they arrested jeffrey they dropped the rise in case because obama did not want to go after a reporter because the heat was on obama in the obama administration because he was going after a journalist the judge who sentenced styling stated that while in a perfect world every criminal case would be decided using direct evidence often doubts not possible are not mentone again says that they had nothing but
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circumstantial evidence they went and took geoffrey to court the only type of evidence that they had was circumstantial evidence and cia agents saying that it was a disgruntled employee that released information because of his discrimination case jeffrey has maintained his innocence for almost seventeen years the new york times which originally published the story of stollings lawsuit against the cia has not covered his release are not mine coney's says that many journalists have simply forgotten about jeffrey standing journalist or never asked about are asking about jeffrey sterling or talking about it and this is a man who has become an invisible man a forgotten man who is in my mind a hero the a.c.l.u. with me even handled this case and so we have to reach out to other types of outlets unable to tell his story. elim pick athlete from russia is suspected of doping at the winter games in south korea the world anti-doping
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agency is expected to announce the results of a second round of tests that will be later on monday and the athlete in question is a mixed doubles curler alexander crucial needs he and his wife won bronze and young child the first olympic curling medal ever for russian athletes. now we did speak a short time ago here on the program to a sports radio host alan moore who believes that it would really be dull of the cola to use mel danny if they take majority make use of a burst of energy burst of speed he could work hard because you curling is a pretty olympic pretty pretty testing sport in itself he will be supremely stupid to be caught for don't you know he has said christmas has said that's his point of in spite of training competition. it do see him on like he does he took this
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however one bit of information commotion over noise to his former or his coach but said that's all he has still he stopped taking the don't you back you to tears in sixty eight when it was bad and we have to give him the benefit of the doubt we still don't know if to be. able to sense a positive we need to find out exactly what happened but again it goes back to you know it will be we said last week do you enjoy sitting as you say not to get caught for doping the olympics you have to be very very silly and i don't think the ski is silly. unless you are standing by live in pyongyang china for more what is going on here and the. worry well it looks like the first stoping test was indeed positive formal donia but the results of the second one haven't been and now instead and water is going to do that a little bit later but if it happens to be positive as well this will be
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a real disappointment for many people the crowd have literally fallen in love with the couple here alexander crucial need skin and. are husband and wife they won the country its first ever medal alum picked medal and carling and really to watch their family team work on ice with something special and. inspiring the media was going on about them for a few days in a row even comparing them to mr and mrs smith but now alexander is suspected of taken mole dony i'm the infamous drug that hadn't been banned until only a couple of years ago it once cost the famous tennis player maria sharapova a year of her career because her team somehow forgot to put it on the do not take list of drugs and honestly and alex's cases as alan was saying
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it's absolutely unbelievable and to really think that he could have done something similar on purpose when the all we are team are under such a close watch it's just something stupid and silly i guess again as the previous commentator was saying he believes i'm talking about alexander that someone could have spiked his food or drinks with in any case the international olympic committee have promised to launch a special probe after the olympic games are over in the meantime the rest of the athletes from russia team are continuing to compete here and young chang under immense pressure they're here without the russian star athletes and they haven't won any gold medal yet medals yet but still they have won bronze and silver has so far eight medals won by the athletes from russia team and of course well be
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watching will be seeing what other medals they can win and we're waiting for the results of that alexander crucially it's key probe all right how he did it to try to life and chang thank you. the capital of libya is in danger of losing its historical heritage due to the current instability in the country tripoli's ancient sites have been neglected and left out in the open one for. from the city has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness. of the flooding the here to the old city is our history it's our past historically it is the oldest trade just briefly with africa. you. would think. so do you know i mean i like to take photos of the old city is my passion.
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i mean thing and i know there isn't a restoration of any preservation of ancient no they. inspire the people to talk on twitter at their plated photos of the old city taken by me and other people they wrote about the city say that was in fact. the concerns about the historic heritage of libya are shared by unesco as well the
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organization has put five of the country's sides on its world heritage in danger list citing the conflict affecting libya some of those sites date back centuries and even millennia. thanks for joining us here is monday morning in moscow we're back soon with more of your world wide. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy was great so one more chance for. a nice
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minute. when lawmakers manufactured him sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes and project themselves. with the primary go around the lives only one person told. to ignore middle of the room signal. to. relieve his brutal. child's seemed wrong on what all roles just don't know all. the world is yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and indeed train equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome to sophia. shevardnadze america's backing of jerusalem asked israel the capital has thrown the palestinian peace process into disarray already we go from here my guests today's das are all clued whether former foreign minister of palestine and palestine is a bastard to the united nations'. question of palestinian independence has been weighing on the neck of the middle east now with new settlements across the west bank appearing in renewed u.s. support for israel and the palestinian question. what can. we started this process towards peace and what fresh ways can be found in the process out of. nasser al could well former palestinian foreign minister and he want to bassett or welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now master of
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palestinians don't trust a u.s. led peace efforts anymore and want to establish a multilateral format off his negotiations talking about moscow hosting the future talks but israel said it would only call parade if the american leave if the america's the if peace process so how do you expect your multilateral format to work if israel isn't part of it. well we don't think that it should work without without israel but we think that it's the duty of the international community to push the israelis to accept certain things including its will to establish a multilateral format as you said a mechanism that that mechanism in our mind should be responsible for putting together the basis for negotiations and for following up the negotiations and sponsor them. donald trump has recently said that he is not sure both israel and palestine want to move forward peace towards peace at this point and he then said
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let's wait and see if more things can move forward do you gray has to us let these process stopped in its tracks for now. we don't think that the statement was a fair one we think that the palestinian and the palestinian side has always proved beyond any doubt its willingness to to not only to negotiate but to actually reach an agreement something that the israelis have never done in in in terms of dogs and of deeds as well let's remember that there's a government went on on a campaign of settler colonialism causing all kinds of problems which which actually negate any possibilities for reaching a peace agreement so again the statement is not is not and we think it's the israeli side to take the blame but also i mean can you discard it asked me to mediate.


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